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Simply the best nootropics on the market

Mind Blow is the most complete nootropics formula.  While increasing dopamine levels is great, it’s also important to restore and balance other vital neurotransmitters, including epinephrine, nor adrenaline, etc., for superior CNS function – Our Formula will help you crush your daily activities with energy, focus, motivation and the best mood ever!

nootropics energy

More Energy

focus nootropics

Insane Focus

motivation nootropics

Motivation & Mood

mental alertness nootropics

Mental Alertness

What's Inside?

Mind Blow contains a list of ingredients that work in perfect harmony to push your limits.

The synergy created between the different ingredients of our cocktail will provide you with lasting energy and focus all day long.

For Entrepreneurs, hard workers & students

Get the most out of every single day at work by using Mind Blow. Get more things done at the office or at school even faster while increasing your mood. Forget harmful drugs like Ritalin or Adderall  –  Choose our first grade nootropics!

for people who want to live their best life!

Life goes so fast and we got so much things to do every single day! Try Mind Blow to increase your Energy, Mood & Motivation to be the best version of yourself – everytime.

How to take

Dopa MAxx™

What They Say


Far exceeded expectations

“I was using Adderall for many years and I knew it wasn’t good for me! I start using Mind Blow last month and I can clearly see a difference and my energy and focus at school. I love it!”

Mike Parent

Best Nootropics In The Game!

“I tried a lot of different nootropics and this formula is simply the best! Energy all day, crazy focus and feeling happy every day!”

Anthony Beauvais


“My energy level while using Mind Blow is simply incredible. I am much more focused at work and I manage to do much more in one day. My boss is happy haha!”

Jessica Smith


We’ve all been there! Long tiring hours at work, no motivation at all, bad mood … A Dopamine enhancing supplement increases mental alertness, focus, clarity and energy so you can crush your daily work and activities – while improving your overall health!

Insane Focus

All Day Energy

Mood Enhancer

Increased Motivation

Alertness & Clarity

Try Mind Blow now!

And take control over your life!

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